Delivering business analysis and regulatory consulting advice across network communications markets in the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, with an emphasis on quantitative approaches and modelling.

About Chris Pollard Consulting

Chris Pollard Consulting delivers in-depth analysis of market demand, competition pressures, regulatory requirements, technology evolution and network developments enabling clients to develop and implement successful strategies in rapidly evolving communications markets.

Chris has monitored and evaluated the development of network communications markets for the last 30 years, a period of rapid growth and constant change. He provides clients with insightful and quantitatively based analysis of business opportunities in network markets based on:

  • extensive understanding of the industry and regulation;
  • wide-ranging and varied international project experience; and
  • a strong focus on quantitative analysis and modelling.

Services include:

Regulatory Advice

  • Regulatory policy development
  • Regulatory market analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Regulatory impact analysis
  • Regulatory costing and pricing
  • Cost modelling

Business Analysis

  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Investment appraisal
  • Market strategy and business planning
  • Business plan critique
  • Market forecasting
  • Revenue and price modelling
  • Cost modelling

Chris Pollard - Director

Chris has been consulting in the telecommunications and information technology markets for over 30 years. His specific areas of expertise allow him to provide a combination of both business analysis and regulatory policy development.

Chris’ early experience focused on market analysis and business strategy in the UK and Europe, and in particular the development of forecasting and analytic models for the rapidly developing UK mobile sector in the 1990s. Following liberalisation in the Middle East, he served as the Economic Director for the newly formed Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in Bahrain in 2003-4, and provided regulatory strategy and advice to a number of regulatory authorities and operators in the Middle East and Asia.

Chris has gained a wide understanding of regulatory policy at an international, European and UK level, through projects advising operators entering markets and through direct advice to regulators on policy and regulatory implementation issues. International experience has included developing the market analysis framework and procedures for ICASA in South Africa and subsequently determining significant market power and regulatory remedies in the call termination and broadcast transmission markets in South Africa.

Since 2008, Chris has focused on both regulatory and business analysis consulting, and until 2015 led the quantitative analysis function within the Technology and Communications practice at Mott MacDonald. He has provided business strategy, market analysis, costing and economic analysis to enterprises, operators, utilities and regulatory authorities in Southern Africa, Europe, and the UK.

Examples of previous projects

Broadband infrastructure provider, Southern Africa – Development of a 10-year corporate strategy for the deployment and expansion of broadband network infrastructure across national and metropolitan areas, in order to support commercial growth and developmental opportunities arising from Government broadband initiatives. The project included the preparation of a business plan, and the assessment of the technical requirements and the economic impact of a number of capital investment projects.

Cost modelling to support regional broadband plans Development of cost models of FTTC and FTTP broadband networks to support business planning for a number of regional broadband network implementations for super-connected cities in the UK.

Mobile operator, Southern Africa Leading a team providing strategic advice to a major mobile operator active in several sub-Saharan African counties on the impact of new regulatory and costing measures being introduced. Advice was provided on the business impact of new regulatory measures and the most effective market positioning to adopt in order to ensure the most favourable outcome from new regulation.

Mobile communications strategy options for UK rail industryDevelopment of strategy and a business case that quantifies the benefits and costs associated with the provision of mobile broadband services on trains – for both operational and passenger applications. Commercial models and regulatory challenges associated with an integrated and industry-wide approach to mobile broadband adoption were analysed and recommendations made for near-term next steps and a medium- to long-term implementation pathway aligned to the business case.

Cost based pricing model Design and development of a cost-based pricing model for all communications services provided across the group for a major utility. The project comprised a review of the service portfolio together with recommendations on the delivery of services, benchmarking current prices against national and international suppliers, an investigation of the cost pools and cost drivers within the business, and the construction and delivery of a cost model which could be used as the basis for setting forward-looking prices of telecommunications services.

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